Workhorse Fire Apparatus

Separating a Workhorse from the ponies . . .

Many manufacturers provide skid units.  What makes a Workhorse special is that our manifolds are all Schedule 40 Stainless Steel Fully Welded Manifolds.  Should a firefighter step on the manifold it won’t crack or break.  Our manifolds use stainless steel fittings to minimize corrosion and maximize longevity.  Each discharge is gated with a quarter-turn stainless steel ball valve.  Additionally your Workhorse Manifold will feature a plugged end for future expansion.  Each manifold also includes a capped intake for Class A Foam.

Our manifolds are designed with pump performance in mind.  Reducing the number of 90° turns in the manifold increases pump performance and output.  Ensuring that the runs in which water travels are short and smooth helps the pump to perform more efficiently.

What’s more is that Workhorse Manifolds can be customized to the customer’s specifications at a very reasonable rate.  Need plumbing for a front-end monitor?  We can do that at a VERY reasonable rate.  Let us help to ensure your department has a manifold that’s not only suited to your needs, but built to last!


What to look for on manifolds:  A buyer’s guide

  • Is the manifold welded?
  • What schedule of stainless steel is used (we recommend a minimum of Sched. 40)
  • Are there any plastic or PVC fittings?  These can crack under temperature or pressure extremes rendering the apparatus unusable.
  • How many turns are there?
  • Is each discharge gated?
  • Are there areas which you can tap into should you decide to expand and add a reel or plumb your hose tray?
  • If you decide to put a foam system on in future years, are you able to simply connect the foam system or will there be welding involved?